2009 - CALGARY
2010  -  WINNIPEG
2011  -  EDMONTON
A Tribute To Past & Present WCC Players
Where else in the world would you find a card tournament like
ours? Thirty (30) years in the making and still going strong.
Amazing, isn't it? Many thanks to the group of guys from Calgary
for starting this tournament in 1988. Thank you Edmonton
and Calgary for your participation over the years. Special thanks
to those who contributed freely of their time at all of these tournaments.
You guys have all done an awesome job, everyone of you!
In 1989, fourteen (14) guys traveled to play Calgary in a beige/white
van. Name them. MAA won that year and our theme song was
'Calgary Wine Down Low' instead of 'Nani Wine Down Low'.
The guys were :- Carl Arjoon, Andrew Dickson, Bobby Ali, Lincoln
Chan, Ongkar Binda, Erwin Carrington, Terry Bhuckal, Dennis
Horsford,  Hayden Dookeran, Arthur Gederon, Robbie Mitchell,
Charley Maharaj, Mikey Arjoon and Joe Paul.
We gathered at Carl Arjoon's house on Agnes Street around
10.00 p.m.. The neighbours thought we were robbing Carl's
place so they called the police. When we explained everything
to them, the cops laughed it off.