The 2012 All Fours season got off to a great start. There were 44
players (22 pairs), the same number of participants as in the last
two years. Because of the intense competition this year, there were
five pairs that ended up tied for the Most Bullseyes award.
The following five pairs are this year's knockout winners,
all with records of 8 wins & 4 losses:-

M.Jiminez & Shawn Singh (1)


    Shiraz Hosein & Vijay Kissoon (2)


Vishnu & Chandra Narine   (3)


   Baldeo Beepath & Lincoln Chan  (4)



Sylvester Parker & Joe 'Station 55' Paul  (5)


One pair (Sunil & Frank) won the Most Hang Jacks award with 6.


Sunil Ramlochan & Frank Arjoon

The highlight of the day belonged to young Mikyla Albert. She was
finally presented with her trophies for winning the Most Bullseyes
at the Family Day Tournament in April of last year. Mikyla was
only nine years old at the time (probably our youngest winner of
this competition).
Mikyla & Mikey
A lot of credit should be given to Mikey Arjoon, her playing partner.
He did an amazing job tutoring her during the tournament. Mikyla
thanked her partner, uncle Mikey, for teaching her the basics of the
game and for helping her win a trophy. They won ten out of eleven
games in the competition.
After winning this award Mikyla went on to do a school project on
the game of All Fours and achieved a perfect score of 100%. We the
MAA are so proud of her for what she has accomplished and congra-
tulate her for promoting the game of All Fours in Winnipeg.
Chairperson Wayne Sankar presenting the Challenge
Cup & Most Bullseyes Trophy to Mikyla Albert
A job well done! Congrats and thank you Mikyla!
We love you...You did us proud...
You are our true champion! 
Tables (Pairs) Having Fun
Kathleen (left) sharing licks on Andy & Shammi. (At right),
Big Ray under heavy pressure from Terry & Glenn