The All Fours community would like to extend our gratitude to the MAA

Webmaster for the countless hours spent on compiling the following document.

- A great part in the history of our Winnipeg Brotherhood -


 Gone But Not Forgotten


Forever in our thoughts ... Forever in our hearts’

 On Remembrance Day, in addition to the traditional observance of this day for the members

of the armed forces who have lost their lives in times of war, the Manitoba All Fours

Association would like to pay special tribute to its members who have passed away.

We would like to take a few minutes of our time to remember them whether

in thoughts or in prayers for the many wonderful and cherished memories

they have given us. It is an honour and a privilege to acknowledge these

players for their love, dedication and contribution to the game of All Fours

over the years.




..Sylvester Parker (May 11, 2017)

Sylvester was a 'utility' player who played for Aces and One Family teams.

Occasionally he would substitute for other teams when they were a

player short. Over the years he sometimes would go to the hall just to

mingle with the guys regardless of whether he played or not. If called

upon to score he would gladly accept the task. He was a very helpful

and accomodating person. Syl accompanied us on many of our trips

to the WCC just to hang out with the boys and to cheer us on.

Bobby Ali (Nov. 10, 2015)....
Bobby was a good all fours player, having captured two Manitoba All Fours
Knockout Championships. He won his first championship with Emerson
and his second with Harry (the refugee). Bobby will always be remembered
for blowing his whistle loudly every time he won a game. He sometimes used
to stand on the chair and blow his whistle. Some players would threaten to
throw him out of the game but in a jokingly manner.

Spencer Tracy

Spencer was the catalyst and backbone of the Western Canadian Championship.

He developed a relationship with Avi Ali that led to the formation of the Western

Canadian Championship (1988 - present time). Over the years Spencer won many

awards in this tournament. He captivated the hearts of many and also inspired

people to be around him. Above all he had a great sense of humour. He is the only

card player outside of Manitoba to make this list and it is a big honour for the

MAA to have him on it.

Kenrick Richard Ragbir (April 21, 2015)

Kenrick, fondly nicknamed 'Police', started playing early in the league and was

a big help to Avi Ali in running the MAA organization. He won the most Hang

Jacks award in 1985. Shortly thereafter he was partnered with card maestro

Ram Mungroo. According to Ram, Kenrick loved to take control of the cards and

"his eyes used to move like ball bearings - watching for the exchange of signs

between their opponents". In 1993 he won his first league championship

as a member of Saints. He returned many years later to win another title

in 2014 with Saints.

Roysie Sankar (Sept 15, 2014)
Roysie Sankar played for ICCA for 30 years and was the team's captain for
more that 20 years. Under his captaincy, ICCA won the league championship
once in 1998. Roysie's dedication and loyalty to Indo Caribbean were respected.
He was indeed a very gentle soul both in words and deeds. His courage,
sense of humour and strength were greatly admired.
Joan Watson (May 28, 2012)
Joan played sparingly for Aces and Kings & Queens before playing one full season
for Genesis in 2009. In the short time Joan played she won the MAA MVP award in
  2009. She was one of only two women to win an award in the league. She had an
extremely joyful personality, always laughing and smiling. And yes, she will be
remembered by many of her friends, not for winning the MVP trophy, but for making
one of the best tasting rotis in Winnipeg.

Seepersad (Sam) Mahase (Feb. 23, 2011)

Sam started his playing career with Windians and later became a founding

member of Duniya. He won several championships with Duniya including

Most Bullseyes and Most Hang Jacks in 1987. 'Koe', as he was fondly known as,

was a very quiet card player and was a key figure in inspiring others to

implement the no smoking ban when smoking was still permitted.

Harold Manoosingh (November 22, 2011)

Harold loved the outdoors very much and was an avid hunter and fisherman. He

played for Carib Boys for a number of years and then took a hiatus from

playing cards. He later joined WISA and represented Manitoba at the Western

Canadian Championship in Calgary.

Dave Samsoondar (Dec 9, 2008)

Dave was a very devoted card player for ICCA. He was considered by many to be

one of the top players in the league. He always felt that the opposition could never

beat him and was very sportsmanlike when he lost. Dave was responsible for

making and donating the league’s first set of laminated score sheets and banner.

The league runner up trophy has been renamed in his memory.

Doon Persad (Feb 13, 2008)

Doon was the captain of the Windians team in the 80’s. Windians folded which

led to the formation of Duniya. Doon was its first captain and was responsible

for naming the team ‘Duniya’. He was always very competitive in all sports he

played. He was instrumental in building and molding Duniya into a champion

-ship team in the late 80’s and early 90’s. He won the league's most bullseyes

award in 1990.

(photo unavailable)

Lalla Persad

Lalla was Doon’s brother and sometimes playing partner for Duniya. He

won the most bullseyes award in 1984 as well as the most hang jacks award

in 1986. He made an important contribution to Duniya's success in winning

eight championships.

Ongkar Binda (Sep 7, 2008)

Ongkar was a ‘happy go lucky’ individual. He first played for Saints in the 80’s. He

later helped to establish T&T Carib Boys in the early 90’s, a team with which he

spent most of his playing time. Ongkar was part of the winning Carib Boys team

in 1991. The last team he played on was Aces. In the late 80’s Ongkar was an

executive member of the MAA.

Steve Osman (Apr 23, 2006)

Steve won the MVP award only weeks before his death. He first played for Saints

for quite a number of years and was a member of their winning team in 1993.

He joined SDMS when it was first formed and later played for Chutney Boys

when it replaced SDMS. Over the years Steve served in various positions on

the executive committee. The MVP perpetual trophy was renamed in his

honour in May 2006.


(photo unavailable)

Rae Khan (Jul 10, 2003)

Rae won the most bulleyes award in the inaugural year of the MAA. He was also

a member of the Windians team that won the first two league championships.

Avi Ali

Avi is considered to be the founder of this association. He ran the organization for

the first four years as the President. In years to follow he took various positions on

the executive committee. Even though he wasn’t the most organized person as far

as paperwork was concerned, Avi was very effective in getting things done on time.

Avi created the template for the score sheets we use. He worked with Tab Allen to

set up the statistic sheets. Over the years Avi played for Boozers, Limers & Tropikis


Milton Bhuckal (Dec 12, 2006)

Milton loved playing cards with a passion. He played on two championship teams

with T&T Carib Boys in 1991 and 1997. At times while playing cards, you could

hear Milton asking his partner for a ‘duchina’ (a little piece of trump) when trying

to pass a ten. His famous chant when singing a bullseye was “Marker … bullseye

from Channel Four (meaning table 4).” Milton was a very persevering guy who,

despite his illness, came out and played every Sunday.


(photo unavailable)

Jai Persaud

Jai played with both his sons for Duniya. He was a very quiet person who let his partner

do all the talking. He played on many championship teams over the years. He was

one of the few Guyanese to have played all fours in the MAA.

Raymond Nimchan (Jan 10, 2009)

Raymond was a community minded person who was very easy going and cheerful.

When called upon to do something, he was always willing to help.

Raymond was a very committed card player who played two full seasons

for Aces.