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Omar Maharaj & Ian Harrysingh
(53 Bullseyes)
Omar Maharaj & Ian Harrysingh
(30 Hang Jacks)
Sadiiqa Mohammed & Azan 'Shammi' Mohammed   
2016 & 2017 Winners
The MAA would like to thank the teams for participating
and contributing to another fun-filled and successful card
season. A special thank you to those who represented
Manitoba in this year's WCC. Congrats to all the winners!
At left, Erwin 'The Professor' Carrington reminding us that
they have swept both tournaments this year. This feat has
only been accomplished by three teams. One Family beat
ICCA 10 - 7 in the 'A' finals to win the Cup. Congrats!
Excitement Galore 
Saints celebrating their victory. Shavan doing his best 'gangsta'
impression. In jubilation Mike tried to plant a kiss on  Charley's
cheek. The excitement was so intense. They beat Chutney Soca
11 - 8 in the finals. Congrats to all!
 Most Bullseyes (12) 
Cliff Arjoon & Michael Arjoon  (Jump & Wave)
Congratulations to the above pair for winning the MOST BULLSEYES
award. Finishing in second place were four pairs with ten (10) bullseyes.
W. Sankar & S. Bowen, N. Baksh & O. Maharaj, V. Narine & V. Kissoon,
S. Madansingh & B. Beepath.
 Most Hang Jacks  (7) 
Peter Albert & Elizabeth Albert  (Jump & Wave)
An outstanding performance by Peter & his daughter Liz
earned this pair the MOST HANG JACKS award  Both the
pairs of N. Baksh & O. Maharaj and V. Narine/V. Kissoon
did well to hang five (5) jacks to take second place.

14 - 0  game



Mike (right) with his WWE Wrestlemania growl... so happy to get his first 14 - 0 game.
Just when we thought this season would end without a 14 - 0 game it happened.
Shavan & Mike were so elated to have done it. We won't say who got it.


Game Day Results - Sunday April 2, 2017

Games One (1:00 pm - 2:30 pm)

(1) One Family ....11    Vs  (6) Jump & Wave ...6

 (2) Saints   ........... 9    Vs  (5) ICCA ................12

(3) Chutney Soca  9     Vs  (4) WISA ...............11

Winners - One Family, ICCA, WISA to 'A' division.
Losers - Jump & Wave, Saints, Chutney Soca to 'B' division.
(All teams are playing for trophies)


Games Two (2:45 pm - 4:15 pm)

One Family  10  Vs WISA  9 ...................... 'A' division semi final

Chutney Soca  10 Vs  Jump & Wave 9 .......'B' division semi final

ICCA  10  Vs  Saints 9 .........................Bye Teams - For stats only

(All teams are still playing for trophies)

Games Three (4:30 pm - 6:00 pm)

One Family  10  Vs  ICCA  7........................   'A' division final

Saints  11  Vs  Chutney Soca  8...................    'B' division final

WISA  10  Vs Jump & Wave  8 ..... Losers 'A' & 'B' - Stats only

(Four teams are playing for trophies)

There were no idle teams. All teams played 3 games. All matches were 12 games or
90 minutes long whichever came first. The two in-between breaks were 15 minutes each.
Many thanks to the captains for filling out the scoring summary sheets for all 3 games.
One of the "For Stats Only' teams Jump & Wave won both the most bulleyes and most
hang jacks awards. This format is fair and really works for all teams.



 There were so many exciting and memorable moments. Here are just a few.

- The Professor playing with the President's bald head and saying,"It takes a bald head
man (just like me) to run this organization the way it should be run. It has been one of
the most successful andenjoyable season ever. Everything is looking so encouraging.
I feel like bringing back Aces next year."
- Many sentiments were echoed about this year's Champion of Champions tournament.
The vast majority of players found it to be very organized and well run. There were no
idle teams this time. This used to be the killing factor in running this tournament in past
years. Kudos to the executive committee members for doing such a great job.
- Both Ashook and Wayne Sankar provided us with free entertainment. Ashook sang
'Hum Na Jaane, Kuch Na Bol' everytime he hung Glenn or Terry's jacks. Ashook would
then give us his famous wine. However, when ICCA played One Family in the 'A' finals,
Wayne would imitate Ashook's wine and famous line of 'Dis side, dat side, etc.
" whenever he won. Everything was done in clean fun. The whole hall was in an uproar
every time this was done.