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 2019 Player Statistics 
2019 Champion of Champions Stats
 FRIDAY  19TH  APRIL,  2019
Both Derrick and Khemraj were there at the airport to greet us
and to take us to our hotel.
Upon arrival Karl suggested we go for dim sum at Jumbo
Restaurant close by.This restaurant serves the best Chinese
foods and came highly recommended by Karl (everyone knows
Karl to be a specialist in Chinese foods). The food was
absolutely delicious, the best some of us have had in years.
We made it back to the hotel to have a few cocktails before
heading to the T&T clubhouse.
As soon as we got to the clubhouse the party got started. We
all had a great time throughout the evening. We were treated
to mango chow, a very tasty pelau with chopped/diced oysters.
Practicing For Saturday's Tournament
Playing A Friendly Game
Khemraj Babysitting
The Group Sharing A Joke
A Rose Between Three Thorns
Arthur & Harold (My Two Long Lost Brothers) 
Real Nice People
The Mohammed Family 
The tournament got off to a late start. We started at 12:00 noon instead
of 11:00 a.m. For the most part in the first half it was a tightly contested
game. At times Manitoba led 22 - 18, 36 - 29, 48 - 44, 54 - 46 and 72 - 62
at the half. In the second half Manitoba was like a runaway train. At one
point the score was 132 - 102, a 30 game lead. Alberta tried in vain to
catch up making the final score Manitoba 144 - Alberta 111. 
Winners of the Champion of Champions Cup
In the winners' circle once again. Kudos to Dennis Horsford &
Scotty Bowen (6-0) for a flawless performance in the finals.
Dennis & Scotty won 12 to 3 to finish with a percentage 0f 80%.
Winners of the President's Cup
A dominating performance By Larry Hart & Russell Chan (4-0)
helped WISA to narrowly defeat Chutney Soca (last year's
champions) in the finals.
Sunil Ramlochan (above) & Kelvin Rampersad won the Most
Bullseyes Award with 13. D. Horsford & S. Bowen finished
second with 12 bullseyes. A. Mohammed & J. Dominique
finished third with 11 bullseyes.
Ram Dyal & Balram Mahase won the Most Hang Jacks Award
with 7.  (They only played 2 games together and still won). S.
Ramlochan & K. Rampersad along with D. Maharaj & R.
Ramberran tied for second with 6 hang jacks.
 Our scorer Margaret did an awesome job right through
out the season. On behalf of the MAA and its members,
thanks Margaret for your outstanding efforts. 
What a crowd! Even though some teams had extra players,
everyone got to play. A great time was had by all. Thanks to
 everyone who contributed in making this year another
successful one. Congrats from the MAA!
These are two of the many beautiful ladies in attendance.
(The Honorable First Lady (right) & the Second Lady)
Jubilation, pandemonium & a tiny bit of disbelief. We got our butts kicked in
the 1st game of the season -- didn't think we could do it, but look at us today.
  C H A M P I O N S !
WISA are the 2019 MAA League Champions. They now hold the record (9) for
the most championships in the history of the Manitoba All Fours Association.
Left to right Terry Bhuckal, Sais Madansingh, Glenn Manoosingh,Wayne
Dinzey, Karl Jaikaransingh, Marc Kowlessar, Azie Mohammed &
Russell Chan, all chanting and singing......
        " Who sah?....WISA "     
see link
Most Bullseyes & Most Hang Jacks went to Sunil Ramlochan & Kelvin
Sunil  & Kelvin. Congrats... well done! 
 From the analysis below, we have a tie for the MVP Award.
The co-winners are the pairs of Omar & Charley Maharaj and Khemraj
Ramnarine & Lincoln Chan. Congrats to all!
  THE TRUE MVP ???  
Vijay Goolcharan played all 5 Sundays with two different
partners, never lost a Sunday and had a 59.38% average
(best in the league). Hmmm..?  Vijay, to many of us, 
you are the true MVP player. Brilliant season!
From Pastor Slim Ray (formerly Big Ray)
   "If you don't have something nice to say to people, don't say
anything at all." We are not a name calling organization.
Also, careful what you wish for others - It may just fall on
you. Please be nice to everyone. 
Racial comments are not accepted and will not be tolerated.
  We should treat our fellow members with the dignity and
respect that they  are owed. Thank you.
Flowers to the wives & significant others for allowing
the guys to play cards every Sunday.
Just a quick note to bring everyone up todate on what's
happening with the WCC.
(i). We are looking at getting navy blue golf shirts with white printings. 
(ii). Alberta is catering for 12 tables. There is a good chance that this
number could be higher. 
(iii). The captain is Karl Jaikaransingh. 


Note:- If for any reason a pair from the above top 12 pairs is unable to go
to Edmonton for the Western Canadian Championship, pairs on standby
can be substituted based on availabilty. However, it appears that this year
Alberta can accommodate any amount of pairs that the  MAA is willing  to
send. Please get in contact with your team captain as soon as possible if
you are thinking about making the trip to Edmonton.
Special thanks to Omar Maharaj for moving over the files from the old
website to this website and for his support in assisting the Webmaster.
As well, thank you Omar for helping out teams that are in need of players.
The MAA would like to thank its members for their support and assistance
 before, during and after games. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.
Many thanks to Lincoln Chan & Jim Baksh for putting these files together.
 With Spring We Have The Pothole Season.
  A Typical Winnipeg Season. 
Empress Takes The Crown As Winnipeg's
Worst Road in 2019  (below).
Heading Out To Peter's Home In Selkirk (below).
A Pothole In Winnipeg Neighbourhood Is So Bad
It Now Has Its Own Lifeguard (below).
Waiting For Help To Arrive (below)
Somewhere In The North End.
Close To The President's Home.
We Even Have Our Version Of the 'Titanic'.
To Get The Attention Of The Local Government,
Residents Have To Plant Fig (Banana) Trees.

If they can't fix the potholes, we will do it ourselves....