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The card season is almost here. This coming Sunday we will be

having the league's pair knockout competition. Anyone can

participate in this tournament. Bring your friends and families.

Invite past members to come out and play and let's all have a

great time!




Time for you to get out and enjoy yourself and have fun.



After three weeks of bone chilling temperatures, we certainly

need a break in the weather pattern. The weather forecast for 

Sunday 24th is a balmy -12 C. Come out and share 'some licks'

and enjoy the food and refreshments provided by Deen's








 MAA PAIR KNOCKOUT - Sunday February 24, 2019

MAA LEAGUE COMPETITION - Will begin on Sunday March 3, 2019 

 Click here to see the 2019 Schedule of Events



Our marshals for the season are Karl Jaikaransingh, Glenn Manoosingh,

Joe Paul and Sais Madansingh. The pair of Karl & Glenn will alternate with

Joe & Sais every other weekend.


  Our new scorer is Magaret. Please welcome her and go easy on her for the

first week. As well, please check your scores from time to time to ensure

there are no discrepancies.


  In a phone call to Derek, Alberta is expecting us to bring 12-14 tables

for the Western Canadian All Fours Championship.



 1st Sunday - Pair Knockout Tournament
$5.00 per person or $10.00 per pair
League Competition - 5 Sundays
5 Sundays x 8 players x $6.00 = $240.00
Team Registration (due Jan. 11th) $100.00
Total league fees per team = $340.00 or $42.50 per team player
 Champion of Champions
No fees  (free)




JANUARY 11TH, 2019


.In Attendance:(Saints) Neal Baksh, Omar Maharaj, Darren Maharaj, (One Family)

Joe Paul & Shammi Mohammed, (ICCA) Frank Arjoon & Ram Mangroo, (Jump &

Wave) Kelvin Rampersad & Michael Arjoon, (Chutney Soca) Ramesh Maharaj &

Khemraj Ramnarine, (WISA), Sais Madansingh

President’s Report

MAA is looking for a new venue for the 2020 New Year, but for this year, games

will be located at CCOM on Fife Street. First game, February 24th, Knock-out.

Competition starts on March 3rd, 2019. League Games, round robin style will end

on March 31st, 2019. The Champion of Champions will be April 7th, 2019, and the

Western Championship is April 19th-20th, 2019. The President stated  that he

requires support from the teams for the Golf Tournament scheduled for some time

in June, as well as the Curry-Q in the Park, dates to be confirmed. Darren Maharaj

will be the contact for the Western Championship Tournament  in Edmonton. He will

be in contact with Derek (Edmonton) to ensure that accommodations are booked

for the Manitoba team.


The website has moved to a new location on DPD Server. Neal Baksh will be

looking into posting the statistics for 2019.

Disciplinary Action

The President would like to have a strong disciplinary committee in place to

address instances of rule-breaking such as physical contact, yelling, etc.

(see addendum below)

The All Fours annual format for regular games will start on March 3rd, 2019.

The following teams have shown interest in playing in the league this year:

Saints, One Family, WISA, Chutney Soca, Jump & Wave, and ICCA. There

will be 33 games in total, with halftime being 17. The hall at CCOM has been

booked, and dates given to Ken and Mr. Ali from CCOM.

Treasurer’s Report

Two expenses since our last AGM totalling $ 276.85

New Business

Team registration plus fees is $340 per team. Number of teams is 6, average

player fee is $ 42.50 per player. Captains are requested to fill out team contact

information including phone number and email of each player. Tentative

schedule was addressed in the President’s Report, as well as the venue for this

year. It was addressed that there is a problem with completing the full 37 games

by the 6 p.m. deadline. Therefore, we have reduced the amount of games to 33.

No new games are to be started after 5:50 p.m. In the event of a tie, the game

will carry on until a winner is determined. All four tables will take part.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:10 p.m.


 **  ADDENDUM  ** 


The President stressed that there will be zero tolerance of any type of unruly behaviour.

Physical abuse will not be tolerated.

Depending on the severity of the incident involved, a player could be suspended for

one or more games. A committee will be formed to determine the level of suspension

for the person(s) involved within 7 days or less. A second infraction by the same

person(s) will automatically result in a ban of one year from the MAA.

Alcoholic consumption

Drinking outside the premises on Fife is strictly prohibited. As well, no one is to

bring their own private stock of liquor for consumption on or off the premises.

If caught (unmarked police cars have been watching us for the last two years),

Ken Mungal will definitely lose his liquor licence and as a  consequence there

could be a strong possibility that the MAA will fold.

Use of Cannibis

In the city of Winnipeg, you are allowed to consume cannabis on your personal

property. Outside the CCOM building on Fife is not considered to be personal.

If you are caught by the MAA, you will be suspended from playing cards that

same day. The laws of the province are very strict about smoking pot and must

be adhered to at all times. We are a licenced non-profit company that is incorp- 

orated every year. We have to abide by all rules and can not afford the risk

of being caught. Please act responsible and govern yourself accordingly.


rules--regulations-to-remember.gif - 12.88 kB


1) All games start at 1:00 p.m. sharp. For the late comers the 5-10-15 minute

start time rule will be put in place.


 2) If the regular player arrives after 15 minutes, all stats will be credited to

the  starting pair for that day.


 3) When the half is called, players are allowed a 20 minute breakCaptains

will mark the start time of the 2nd half on the board.


 4) With the reduced games we have also reduced the number of time outs

from 3 per half to 2 per half, each consisting of 4 minutes long.


 5) Turning in complete and signed game summary sheets to the statistician,

ensuring that all the data is transposed legibly and accurately from the master

scoreboard to the summary sheet. Captains must sign the score sheets.


 6) We will ring the bell only once at 5:50pm (no more bell ring at

6:00 p.m.). At this point no new games can start. Any games in progress

will be finished. In the event the match results in a tie, all 4 tables will sit

back down and the first team to sing a bullseye will win the match.

The members of the Manitoba All Fours Association would like to extend their heartfelt
gratitude to the past executives for giving us another great year.
We would, once again, like to congratulate our President, Mr. Khemraj Ramnarine,
for his great leadership role. We commend him for his continuous efforts and hard 
work in promoting the game of All Fours in Winnipeg.
 Special thanks to the rest of the past executives Ramesh Maharaj, Sais Madansingh,
Peter Albert and Karl Jaikaransingh for their contributions.
Kudos to the members and their wives for the wonderful jobs they did in helping to
organize  the Western Canadian Championship, the Annual Golf Tournament and
Curry-Q. Your performances were awesome.
To our golf participants and sponsors, we say thank you for your love and support.
We want to give a big thank you to Ken & Beth Mungal for being there for us at all
the games and for taking care of our food and refreshments needs. You two were
fabulous as always. A million thanks to Ken for the use of his business place
(Deen's Diner) for hosting all of our yearly meetings.
Again, many thanks to everyone in the MAA. We look forward to working with
the new executive in the near future.



It has been 21 months since we implemented a counter to keep track of the number
of viewers entering this website. It's amazing to know that we have averaged
approximately 22272 viewers over 21 months (May 2017 - January 2019)
or 1060 viewers per month.
This interest is shared mostly by our members and friends and also by our
worldwide audience whose events are sometimes posted here.
Saturday 16th February, 2019
Skinner Park, San Fernando
***** LIVE TELECAST  *****
Sangeet 106fm is live now.




The competition was won by Nishard Mayrhoo and Neval Chatelal

(Fyah) who also won in 2018. The winner scored 335 points with GI

(Divorce) coming in second with 321 points. Third place was won

by Veekash Sahadeo (Chantel) with 292 points.

More info to follow on upcoming events
The two hottest soca chunes for the Carnival season are 'Hookin'
Meh' by Farmer Nappy and 'Long Time' by Nadia Batson.
As Omar would say 'Dey mashing up de place fuh so'
Some predictions: Renegades will win Panorama and Machel
will win the Road March with 'The Road' or 'Release'. 'Famalay'
by Machel, Bunji & Skinny Fabulous is gaining ground every day.

Though there was some discussion as to whether or not “Famalay”

would even qualify for the Road March contest because Skinny hails

from St. Vincent. The rules say that once “the majority of the lead

vocal performance” is “undertaken and carried out by nationals of

Trinidad and Tobago”, the song can be a contender — and this one

definitely is.

The lighthouse became the centrepiece of the roundabout
Old time school days
How many of us had our share of it. Some used to get more
licks than others. Raise yuh hand if yuh used to get plenty .
Many thanks to Lincoln Chan & Jim Baksh for putting these together.

There have been several requests made over the last year and a half to

bring back the above popular column. As most of you know, the majority

of our membership is over 50 years and we are reaching a time in our lives

when it is imperative we pay very close attention to our health. We hope to

educate our ageing population about information on symptoms which could

affect us or our spouse or those who are very dear to us. We are hoping to

raise awareness and hopefully save lives. Some of the symptoms we face

are obvious and we do see a doctor in most cases. However, we sometimes

choose to ignore them and say they will go away but they never do.


On our trip to Cancer Care Foundation Manitoba to make a donation

we managed to get our hands on brochures of different types of cancers.

We would like to thank CancerCare Manitoba for the permission

and use of information from its brochures.


Sherelle Kwan

Community Events Manager

CancerCare Manitoba Foundation



SK   ** It was lovely to meet you and the other members

(Ramesh & Khemraj). Thank you for your support! I wish

you continued health. Thank you for looking out for your

community raising awareness about cancer prevention.


This week we will focus briefly on the symptoms of prostate cancer:

- These 12 symptoms indicate that prostate cancer should not be ignored.

Prostate is a gland in the male reproductive system. Its primary

function is to secrete major part of seminal liquid (component of the

semen) and store it.  It is located in the pelvic cavity, above the perineum

(near rectum) under the bladder and surrounds the urethra. In men

population, prostate cancer is the most common disease. Its presence

is confirmed by ultrasound scan or biopsy. If is detected  in early stage,

95% of patients are recovered.


Twelve (12) symptoms that indicate prostate cancer are:

Symptom 1: problems and difficulty with urination

Symptom 2: difficulty to start or retain urination

Symptom 3: frequent urination during the night

Symptom 4: tingling or uncomfortable feeling while urinating

 Symptom 5: weak urine flow or inability to complete urination

Symptom 6: blood in urine

Symptom 7: blood in semen

Symptom 8: ejaculation disorders

Symptom 9: pain in thighs, hips and lower back

Symptom 10: pelvic pain

Symptom 11: pain in the bone in the lower back

Symptom 12: erectile dysfunction


If you notice any of these symptoms, go to a specialist for

specific diagnosis. It’s better to be safe and not sorry.