Team Manitoba has done it again. The final score was 134 - 119. Manitoba has
swept all of the individual trophies. In 30 years of competition Manitoba has
won the WCC Cup 28 times.
Retaining the Western Canadian Championship Trophy
(Trophy in memory of Avi Ali, the MAA league founder)
Total Bullseyes 1st Half .......  Manitoba....... 79      Alberta..........  58
Total Bullseyes  2nd Half .....  Manitoba ...... 55      Alberta..........  61
Grand Total                                  Manitoba ..... 134     Alberta.......... 119
Total Hang Jacks 1st Half .....Manitoba ....... 37      Alberta.......... 18
Total Hang Jacks 2nd Half... Manitoba ....... 24      Alberta.......... 24
Grand Total                                  Manitoba ....... 61      Alberta.......... 42
All Fours ..... The Trini Card Game

- Opening remarks were made by the MAA President Khemraj Ramnarine.
- Wished everyone an enjoyable & peaceful game.
- Calgary's President, Henry Patram, welcomed Team Manitoba and spoke
about the prize distributions.
- At half time an excellent meal consisting of curry goat, stew chicken, rice,
buss up shot roti, curry aloo & channa and salad was served. There were
so many rave reviews about the meal. Thank you chef Davey. Great job &
special 'thank you' to everyone involved in the preparation of this meal.
- Team Manitoba led by 21 games at the half. Team Alberta narrowed
the gap in.the second half and was trailing by one or two games. This
is when Team Manitoba put it into first gear and pulled away to win
convincingly by 15 games.
1st Half Bullseyes, 2nd Half Bullseyes 
1st Half Hang Jacks, 2nd Half Hang Jacks 
Peter and Elizabeth smiling. You can tell who is winning
Russell finally meeting his match
The gang chilling
 Sais in his seventh heaven
A familiar face (Greg Quan Chan). One of
the founding members of the WCC.
Most Bullseyes First Half
A. Nagina & W. Mohammed (9) -----  Manitoba
Most Hang Jacks First Half
A. Nagina & W. Mohammed (6) ------ Manitoba
Most Bullseyes Second Half
T. Bhuckal & K. Jaikaransingh (8) --- Manitoba
Most Hang Jacks Second Half
 A. Mohammed & S. Mohammed (6) - Manitoba
- Most Bullseyes Overall
J. Paul & D. Sankar (14) --------------  Manitoba
14 - 0 game
Joe Paul & D. Sankar-------------------Manitoba
- Most Hang Jacks Overall
C. Maharaj & O. Maharaj (8) -------- Manitoba
Most Consecutive Bullseyes
V. Goolcharan & S. Hosein (8) ----- Manitoba
Henry Patram

The MAA would like to thank Henry Patram and his Calgary

committee consisting of Ivan Mahelal, Rienzi Balkaran,

Terrence Ishmael, Davey Palakdhari, Russell Ramjattan,

Steven Bitu, Harry Deonanan, Rodney Gooray, Riaz Ali

and Tony Teekasingh for making this event a very

mememorable and successful one.  A job well done, guys!


Once again thank you for your participation Edmonton!


Many thanks to Ramesh Maharaj, Peter Albert and Khemraj

Ramnarine for supplying us with photos for this event.