The MAA would like to thank the Management and Staff of
Inwood Golf & Country Club for their excellent service. Thanks
for making our tournament a memorable and pleasurable one.
Guests from Barrackpore, Doubles Capital Of Trinidad!
Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs - (Five Man Electrical Band)
Suresh Jagessar tied for 'Best Dressed Golfer' with Ram Mungroo
Quote of the Day - Ram Mungroo
"Man, some of the par 4s were short but they had very narrow fairways and sharp
doglegs. You go for it and most likely you will end up in the bush (woods). A very
tricky course. I lost over a dozen balls. It was tough. Nice course though".
Most Awesome Foursome Award (Another Tie)
Our Guyanese Connections
Trophies Presentation - MAA 2017 Season
Most Bullseyes (left) & Most Hang Jacks (right) - Champion of Champions
Golf Prizes
Winners - Ryan Rodger/David Shepherd foursome (left) &
Runners Up - Wayne Dinzey foursome (right)
Special Tribute to Morris & Violet Stefanec
By The MC Of The Evening
We are here today to honor and pay tribute to a wonderful gentleman in our midst.
We are here to recognizethe years of service and contribution that he has made to
the Manitoba All Fours Association. He has always been there for us over the years,
making sure the centre is available for us, preparing the room and having it ready
at game time.
Morris has been there not only for the All Fours Association but also for the West
Indian community and the society at large. He has spent many, many hours helping
us with socials, Canada Day celebrations, bazaars and other activities we may
have had.
Over the years he has developed a close bond with several members of the West
Indian community, the most notable of which was his friendship with the late
Roysie Sankar.
Morris, it is with great pleasure to have you with us today. On behalf of the
Manitoba All Fours Association, it is indeed a privilege and honor, to present
to you, as a token of our appreciation and a momento of our esteem this
wonderful plaque. Mrs Rani Ramnarine, the wife of our president, will make
this presentation. Also with us today is Morris' wife Violet to whom we will
present these flowers.
Tribute to Morris & Violet Stefanec
Morris played a major role in the lives of the Caribbean people, both as a dear
friend and the caretaker of the Norwood Community Centre. It was no secret that,
whenever there was a function put on by West Indians, nine out of ten times it was
held at 'The Norwood'.
Over the years Morris treated us courteously and respectfully and has handled all
of our events and functions in a very diligent and professional manner. We were
very fortunate to have someone like him. Morris remained everyone's friend and
was someone you can rely upon to help in any situation.
From 1994 to 2013, Morris took great care of the Manitoba All Fours Association
giving us that extra hour from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. to lime and to have a last
beer or two. It would certainly have been nice if Morris had learned the game of
All Fours  and played for one of the teams.
 All in all, Morris is someone who is very caring, easy going and understanding
of our culture and ways. We will never forget the many wonderful memories
Morris has given us over the years. Thank you Morris for being there for us always.
You will be a brother (fellow Trinidadian) in our minds and hearts forever.  
Relaxing After The Work Is Done...Great Job, Guys.... Special Thank
You To The Golf Committee For Doing Such A Fantastic Job ....
Thank You To The Owner, Ed Waluk
Big Thank You To Peter Albert & His Team For
Arranging & Helping Out With This Tournament.