It was a great way to start off the season. We had 20 pairs (40 players)
in attendance for the Pair Knockout tournament last Sunday. This
represents a 25 % increase over previous years. It tell us that our
executive team is doing a wonderful job promoting our all fours events.
As you entered the building, you can tell by the atmosphere that the
guys were just itching to get the season started. It was really nice to get
out of the house for a change to socialize with friends over a game of cards.



Ashok Nagina & Rani Ramnarine (above) were the winners in the
"Most Bullseyes' category with nine (9) wins. Runner up was Sais and
Azie with 8 wins followed by 5 teams (Terry & Glenn, Sunil & Kelvin,
Wayne & Russell, Michael &  Cliff, Kathleen & Hafeez) with 7 bullseyes.
Most Hang Jacks went to the pair of Shammi & Sadiiqa
Mohammed (above) with a total of eight (8) hang jacks. Beena
and Vijay were the runner ups with a total of 7 hang jacks. 




Just look at last year's report

"The MAA 2018 season got off to a great start. We had 32 players ....
the same number as last year. Ashok Nagina & Waheeda Mohammed
tied with Kelvin Rampersad & Sunil Ramlochan in the Most Bullseyes
category. The team of Ashok & Waheeda won in a playoff game while
the team of Shammi Mohammed & Sadiiqa Mohammed emerged as the
Most Hang Jacks winners. All four winners are from the team
One Family."

Some say it's all in the cards.



Glenn helping to train our new scorer Margaret 


Frank & Bhupraj battling Ashok & Rani (eventual winners)


The MAA would like to thank all those who participated in
making the day an enjoyable one. We look forward to the
start of the regular season next weekend. Go team go!



Johnny & "Slim" Ray playing to a tie (6-6) with Russell & Wayne. It was great
seeing a 'new and improved' version of Big Ray after an absence of two years.
 In the first match, One Family vs defending champions WISA, many of us 
were stunned by the turnaround of things in the second half. After leading
by a game at halftime (17-16), WISA’s performance took a complete nose-
dive. One Family outplayed WISA by a second half score of 17 wins against
3 losses. The final result was 33-20 for One Family. The loss was a tough
one to take for WISA who were hoping to repeat as champions. Azan
‘Shammi’ Mohammed and Sadiiqa Mohammed finished with 10 wins and
4 losses, tied with two other pairs from Chutney Soca for the most bulleyes.

Charley & Omar taking care of business. Omar finding ways to
miscount for game... taking advantage of Kathleen & Hafeez. It's
always tough playing against Omar & his dad.

Peter & Curtis fighting for every point in a closematch with
Darren and partner. In the end Darren & Ron won 7 games to 6.



In our second match, Saints developed a comfortable lead at half time (17-10)
and maintained this lead right throughout the second half to finish with a final
score of 33 wins and 25 losses.   Charley Maharaj and captain Omar Maharaj finished
the day with a 9-3 record. Saints hung the most jacks for the day with a total of 15.

Muscle power from the President. Ram looks like he could do with a beer.

A face we haven't seen in ages. Welcome back Ram. Thanks for
coming out...even if you are only substituting for a few games.



In our third and somewhat controversial match, Chutney Soca defeated ICCA
by 15 games. Final score was 28-13 for Chutney Soca. At the start of this game,
there was only one pair on table three. This pair was registered to both teams.
Needless to say you can’t have one pair playing for two teams at the same time.
It’s physically impossible. In fairness to both sides, the MAA decided not to award
a 9-0 score to any of the teams. The game was played with three tables only.
Two pairs from Chutney Soca finished the day with 10 wins each.

The pair of Ken & Beth who have been looking after us for many years.
Thanks...we appreciate it ..!!! 


Jump & Wave 30  vs Chutney Soca 29

Suresh (right) puts on his badjohn face for Chutney Soca against Jump &
Wave. After being down at the half 3-6, Suresh and playing partner Vijay
rallied in the second half to finish ahead 10-8. Don't mess with the best.


 This was the closest game of the day. Chutney Soca trailed Jump & Wave
by 2 games at the half and at one time was leading them by 2 games late
in the 2nd half.  A last minute surge by J&W was just enough to snatch
victory from their opponents. Both Vijay & Suresh and Cliff & Michael
had 10 bullseyes to lead all pairs.


One Family 33  vs  ICCA  26

Erwin 'The Professor' Carrington
-- the maestro of all fours and rummy 
-- the winner of countless trophies
-- recent recipient of President Obama Award for All Fours in Winnipeg 
-- former Tobago Mayor and All Fours Champion
-- planted peas with the Mighty Shadow in Castara, Tobago
Professor, if each team used to wear jerseys with numbers, yours
would be the first one the MAA would retire and hoist to the rafters.
Always glad to have you back, buddy.


Still can't believe Selvon came back to play with his old team ICCA. Last
time he  played in the league was at the Norwood Community Centre....
some 15 years ago. 'Playing all fours is just like riding a bicycle again,'
said Selvon, 'you never forget how to do it.' He won 9-8 on his table.


 One Family led at half time 17 – 11, thanks to some outstanding plays
by ‘Professor’ Carrington and ‘Slim’ (no longer Big) Ray in the first half.
The pair amassed a total of 8 wins against 1 loss. ICCA never recovered
and a lead of 6 wins was maintained right throughout the second half
by One Family. In the 2nd half, two pairs played brilliantly. Shammi &
Sadiiqa (One Family) had 6 wins & 1 loss while Nyron (formerly Dan
Sankar) and Harry scored 6 wins against 2 losses.
WISA  33  vs  SAINTS  18


Two faces we haven't seen in quite awhile (Vishnu & Vijay). Both wishing
they were still playing. Glenn boasting that he can handle Charley &
Omar by himself.


WISA, despite losing the first 6 games, recovered nicely to lead Saints 17
wins to 11 losses at half time. They continued this domination in the 2nd
half looking like the WISA of old. They played like they were possessed
as though they were on a mission to seek and destroy. Overall, it was a
very solid performance. Final score was 33-18 for the defending champs.


  **  WELCOME  GUESTS  ** 


Balram Mahase welcomes guests Sam Raminair (left) and ex-ICCA player
Ken Modoo (centre).Always a pleasure having you guys drop by to see
the teams in action. Thank you both for the visit.







It was great seeing Alan Sampson again. Alan came by to support his old
team mates. Alan, you are always welcome to drop by and spend some
time with us.
Our President (forefront) always takes a nice picture.
That's why he is our leader..lol


ONE FAMILY  26  vs  JUMP & WAVE  32

Jump & Wave led the first half 17-10 and went on to win by six games.
Sunil Ramlochan & his partner Kelvin Rampersad put on an outstanding
performance winning on table 3 (12-6). As a matter of fact, this pair won
the most bullseyes (12) for the day and are now in the lead for the Most
Bullseyes AwardCongrats, guys!

Omar telling Terry & Sunil how they're putting 'plenty' licks on Chutney Soca. 



Strong performances from Shavan Ali & Danny Ali (10-5) and Darren
Maharaj & Ron Ramberran (9-5)  made this an easy contest for Saints.
Chutney Soca never recovered from trailing at the half (17-11). The
Saints went marching home all the way without a fight.

Ram is telling Harry about the days he used to play for the Dallas Cowboys.
It's nice to fantasize sometimes. Never hurts anyone.

One man who is not willing to share. He missed the cards, the lime and
especially the food and drinks. Right, Vijay?


ICCA   21  vs  WISA  33

WISA was awarded 7 extra bullseyes because ICCA was one table short.
As a result, it was an easy win for WISA. The extra bullseyes certainly
help WISA plus/minus ratio.
 - Video below submitted by Neal Baksh  


It is such a beautiful thing to watch the guys help Ken & Beth with 
setting up the refreshment area. The MAA, Beth & Ken would like to
thank everyone for their help. As well, special thanks to all the guys
who helped to arrange the tables & chairs.


Sais having the most fun

Station 55 getting into the action

Terry always a gentleman.


   ** WEEK  4    SUMMARY ** 


Saints trailed at half time (12 - 17) and never recovered in the 2nd half,
eventually losing (26-33). It looks like One Family is heading for their
third championship in the last four years. Only Chutney Soca stands in
their way. A win over Chutney Soca gurantees them first place. A loss
on the other hand could give WISA the championship if they win over
ICCA . An outstanding performance by Slim Ray (formerly Big Ray) and
partner Johnny (10 wins against 3 losses) was the highlight of this match.
Congrats guys!
The boys from Chutney Soca were up at the half by only one game. (17-16).
In the second half they were completely outplayed by a rejuvenated WISA
team (8-16). Great comeback WISA!
President Khemraj is giving final instructions to scorer Magaret to
mark 2 out of every 3 bullseyes for his team Chutney Soca. 
It didn't work. Nice try Khemraj.... lol

ICCA  31  vs  JUMP & WAVE  25 

As mentioned last week, this team has good players. If they ever formed a
full team, there would be trouble. Well that's exactly what took place last
weekend. All 4 tables were involved.  It has been a long time since we have
seen such a great performance from ICCA. Too bad they started the season
without a full team. Two pairs are to be commended for their performances.
Selvon Manmohan & newcomer Vic Sorensen (9-5) and Robin & Randy
Maharaj (9-5). Ram Mangroo, thanks for doing a wonderful job!
Ram "Saga Boy" Mangroo, ICCA Acting President, General Manager,
Coach, Trainer and sometimes Team Doctor celebrating the team's
victory over Jump & Wave. Some say Ram was modelling for Team
Sweden while others say he was the senior model for Carib Beer.
Then again there were some opponents who claimed that the bright-
ness of his outfit blinded them and that his team should have been
 #   VISITORS  # 
Welcome One, Welcome All.
It's always nice when visitors drop by, especially those
you haven't seen in ages.
The Three Amigos
MAA Recording Artiste Bob Balkaran


One Family trailed at half time (9 - 17) and never recovered in the 2nd half,
eventually losing (21 - 33). One Family tried everything in the book to win
their 3rd championship in 4 years. At the half the 'Professor' joined the
battle along with Ashok, arguably the two of the best players in the league,
but in the end it was to no avail. Khemraj & Lincoln (11-3) and Vijay & Ram
(11-5) were outstanding from start to end for Team Chutney Soca.
Johnny having a great time in spite of things not going well for his team
One Family. That's the spirit. By the way nice sunglasses!
WISA 33  vs  JUMP & WAVE 22
The lead for WISA at halftime was 17-10. At no point in time was WISA
threatened and so it was smooth sailing for them throughout the match.
All four pairs for WISA contributed to their 4th victory against only one
defeat for the season. Well done guys. Congrats!
Above, Sais & Azie leading the way for WISA (8-4).
Russell & Wayne fell short of tying Sunil & Kelvin for most hangs
 jacks this season by 1 hang jack. The pair missed one Sunday
and still came close.

ICCA  29  vs  SAINTS  33

This was the closest contest of the day. Trailing by five wins at halftime,
ICCA could only gain little ground by the end of the match. Table 0ne
(N. Baksh/M. Moreau) 11-6 & table two (D. Maharaj/R. Ramberan) 11-7
did most of the damages for Saints. For two Sundays ICCA played a table
short and lost both games. In the 3 other Sundays when they fielded a full
team, their record was 1 win and two very close losses. The potential is
there for them to do well next year should they start each match with a
full team.


(Above) All four men carry the same last name Maharaj - the first time
this has ever happened. They weren't concerned about the match. They
were just playing to see who were the better 'Maharajs'.


Vijay & Vishnu outplaying Danny & Shavan (9-5) but ICCA still end up
losing. Great to see you guys having a great time.



Ram planning strategy on how to beat Saints in the second half.
Thank you Vic for coming to the rescue of ICCA. We look forward
to having you join us for another season next year. You too Selvon!  

The Professor talks to one of his former all fours students, Omar
Maharaj. Omar said nowadays the student is constantly beating
the teacher and that's why Erwin is sort of semi-retired.

It's been a very long time. It was great seeing Bing 'Amos" Mohammed
(left). Bing, you are always welcome to drop by.
Winners of the Champion of Champions Cup
In the winners' circle once again. Kudos to Dennis Horsford &
Scotty Bowen (6-0) for a flawless performance in the finals.
Dennis & Scotty won 12 to 3 to finish with a percentage 0f 80%.
Winners of the President's Cup
A dominating performance By Larry Hart & Russell Chan (4-0)
helped WISA to narrowly defeat Chutney Soca (last year's
champions) in the finals.
Sunil Ramlochan (above) & Kelvin Rampersad won the Most
Bullseyes Award with 13. D. Horsford & S. Bowen finished
second with 12 bullseyes. A. Mohammed & J. Dominique
finished third with 11 bullseyes.
Ram Dyal & Balram Mahase won the Most Hang Jacks Award
with 7.  (They only played 2 games together and still won). S.
Ramlochan & K. Rampersad along with D. Maharaj & R.
Ramberran tied for second with 6 hang jacks.
 Our scorer Margaret did an awesome job right through
out the season. On behalf of the MAA and its members,
thanks Margaret for your outstanding efforts. 
What a crowd! Even though some teams had extra players,
everyone got to play. A great time was had by all. Thanks to
 everyone who contributed in making this year another
successful one. Congrats from the MAA!
These are two of the many beautiful ladies in attendance.
(The Honorable First Lady (right) & the Second Lady)
Jubilation, pandemonium & a tiny bit of disbelief. We got our butts kicked in
the 1st game of the season -- didn't think we could do it, but look at us today.
  C H A M P I O N S !
WISA are the 2019 MAA League Champions. They now hold the record (9) for
the most championships in the history of the Manitoba All Fours Association.
Left to right Terry Bhuckal, Sais Madansingh, Glenn Manoosingh,Wayne
Dinzey, Karl Jaikaransingh, Marc Kowlessar, Azie Mohammed &
Russell Chan, all chanting and singing......
        " Who sah?....WISA "     
see link
Most Bullseyes & Most Hang Jacks went to Sunil Ramlochan & Kelvin
Sunil  & Kelvin. Congrats... well done! 
 From the analysis below, we have a tie for the MVP Award.
The co-winners are the pairs of Omar & Charley Maharaj and Khemraj
Ramnarine & Lincoln Chan. Congrats to all!
  THE  TRUE  MVP  ???  
Vijay Goolcharan played all 5 Sundays with two different
partners, never lost a Sunday and had a 59.38% average
(best in the league). Hmmm..?  Vijay, to many of us, 
you are the true MVP player. Brilliant season!