2011 In Review  

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  2011 All Fours Season - A Synopsis

 Knockout Champions (Pairs)

                Most Bulleyes - ICCA                      Most Hang Jacks - Jook & Jam       


Roysie Sankar & Kelvin Rampersad          Navin Ramnarine & Shawn Singh

  League Champions 

  Winning Team - WISA 

(Record of 6 wins and 1 loss)

(Left to right) Marc Kowlessar, Wayne Dinzey, Indraj Persad, Karl Jaikaransingh,

Russell Chan, Glenn Manoosingh(captain), Lincoln Chan & Terry Bhuckal

 Most Bullseyes 


Jim Baksh - Saints                                      Neal Baksh - Saints

 Most Hang Jacks 


  Wayne Sankar - Aces                         Allan Sampson - Aces

 Most Valuable Pair (M.V.P.) 


       Terry Bhuckal - WISA                  Glenn Manoosingh - WISA  

 14 - 0    Games 

Andrew Dickson & Shammi Mohammed (Genesis)

Sunil Ramlochan & Cliff Arjoon (ICCA)

Sais Madansingh & Richard Seepaul (Masforce)

Khemraj Ramnarine & Carl Gajadharsingh  (Jook & Jam) 


 Knockout Champions (Teams) 

 Champions of Champions  :    Saints

    President's Cup    :    Masforce  

 Most Bullseyes   :  Omar Maharaj & Ian Harrysingh - Saints

 Most Hang Jacks  :  Russell Chan & Wayne Dinzey - WISA 

 14 - Games  : Andy Castello & Andy Norea - Genesis              

 Family Day Tournament 

 Most Bullseyes   :  Mikyla Albert & Mikey Arjoon

    Most Hang Jacks  : Page Laurent & Vishnu Narine  


 Western Canadian Champions 

Manitoba (above) beat Team Alberta by 11 games to win the 2011 WCC Championship.

The tournament took place in Edmonton on Easter Saturday. Team Manitoba has won this annual event 23 out of 24 times. The championship was first held in Winnipeg in 1988.

The most outstanding pair in this year's tournament was Manitoba's Vijay Kissoon and Ram Dyal for winning most bullseyes - second half, most bullseyes - overall & most hang jacks - overall. Congratulations!

Other Manitoba winners were Ashok Nagina & Peter Albert for most hang jacks – 1st half and a tie between the pairs of Mikey Arjoon, Dan Sankar and Sunil Ramlochan, Shammi Mohammed for most bulleyes – 1st half. Great job, guys!

 A special thank you to the sponsors, DPD Software, Deen's Restaurant, St. Boniface Hotel & Cottonwood  Golf Course,  for assisting us with the cost of the team's shirts (see above).